Professional Monument Cleaning:

Moss covered, sap stained stones, or stones soiled by years of acid rain need special chemicals and high pressure to regain their original beauty. We have the latest cleaners and special high-pressure equipment to clean years of dirt and grime away. It’s truly amazing what difference a cleaning can make. Prices to clean an average size stone range from $50 to $150.

How To Clean Monuments Yourself:

The granite memorial you have is a combination of the finest natural material and modern craftsmanship. However, like any material exposed to the elements some maintenance is recommended. Never use waxes or polishes on the granite. Any window-cleaning agent such as Windex will bring up the natural luster by cleaning the polished surface of the stone. Regularly once a year, perhaps on Memorial Day, an anniversary or birthday, a solution made from three or four tablespoons of granular electric dishwasher detergent such as Cascade, Electrasol or Sunlight and one quart of water should be used to scrub the polished surface and the carved areas of the memorial. A stiff bristled brush (never use a wire brush) should be used and when the washing is completed the granite should be rinsed thoroughly. Take care not to get the solution in your eyes by wearing appropriate eye protection.

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