Gravesite Engraving

We offer the service of Gravesite Engraving. This service is needed if there is a stone already installed in the cemetery and the date of death needs to be engraved.

The current prices:

  • In situations where the year only is required the cost is $140. [example = 2010]

  • Where the abbreviated month day and year are required the cost is $180 [example = MAR. 4, 2010]

  • In rare cases where there is additional engraving required it is on a case by case basis [example = SEPT. 22, 1935 ā€“ MAR 4, 2010]

These prices are for sandblasted letters in a standard font, old styles of lettering are considerably more [examples = ā€œVā€ Sunk or any type of raised letters]. The sandblast lettering has been used since the mid 1930ā€™s. It is extremely rare to need anything other than the sandblasted letter.

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